Oh my gosh!

Did you hear the news????  The Dow Dives! The Market Caves!  It’s
a Market Free fall! Yesterday was the worst day in 2 years!

I feel like I want to SCREAM! And not because of the market news,
but because I actually turned on the tv and listened to this
stuff for 2 minutes!

Usually I start my day peacefully with a morning meditation but
the phone rang and I flipped on the tv just in time to get an ear
full. Boy am I sorry.

I immediately kicked into a negative vibe, was cranky to my
fiance, and we know how Law of Attraction works… if I don’t
reset my vibe soon, my day will just get worse and worse and

Here’s the good news…. yes there is good news.  My vibe is
typically so high and positive that I immediatly felt the

Once I realized I was taking in all this negative stuff
and i was starting to feel bad, I shut that tv off quickly. 

I’m celebrating that I only listened for 2 minutes. Years ago I would
have listened all morning, then flipped over to CNN for more,
then listened to the chatter on the radio, talked about it with
my friends and even to the guy in line at the grocery store!

And here’s the kicker…. BREAKING NEWS…. the experts say…. be
patient! ha ha.

So, as you can see it’s a process.  But remember this…. You Get
What You Focus On. Law of Attraction promises that.

Here’s my question to you: What are you going to focus on today?

Something that feels bad and that you can’t do anything about? Or
are you going to deliberatly ‘Reset Your Vibe’ and focus on
things that make you feel good…  things that will create your
life the way you want it to be? 

I know what I’m going to do….

Make it an awesome Day!

Helping YOU ‘Crack The Code’ To Phenomenal Life Success!