Hi there and Welcome to your new resource…..my Law of Attraction Blog!
Thanks to my friend Cynthia at TheButterflyherder.com,  my new website and blog is up and running.  Of course we’re still in process of making it the perfect resource for you but isn’t that symbolic of our life…. always in process!  It’s so much fun to order up what we want and watch our desires unfold!

I am really excited to get this blog rolling!   Why? Because I have this burning desire to help people take their life to the next level!  I was divorced, out of a job, and diagnosed with a chronic illness (a triple whammy) and completely turned my life around using these exact principles I teach and will share with you…. right here!  So we’ll be talking all about Law of Attraction…

What it is….

Why you attract what you do….

Yes, the positive and the negative. Let’s face it, we all do attract the stuff we don’t want.

I attract negative things and I’m a positive person. What’s up with that?

So, we’ll be cleaning up the negative stuff and also focusing on exactly how to attract what you DO want….

I recently sent out a questionaire to the folks who have been in my audiences, , my coaching clients, and to those who subscribe to my newsletter and I asked for their questions about the Law of Attraction and guess what their number 1 burning question was?….. drum roll please…. M-O-N-E-Y!  Show me the money….. so that’s what’s up first…. Make More Money Monday’s!. Watch for details coming soon. Then we’ll be talking about Relationships, uncovering and overcoming limiting beliefs, why your affirmations may not be working and so much more… like How to attract your ideal job,  customers/clients,  and on and on.

Many of you have watched the video’s, read the books about the Law of Attraction, and then you turned to the last page and said… “that sounds great, but how do I do that?”.  Well I’m know as the “how to” coach.  I don’t just give you the fluff and feel good stuff, I give you the “how to’s” , the exact steps to use to attract your goals, dreams, and desires.

So, hold on folks, it’s going to be a blast.   Besides getting my “how to” tips, tools, and techniques, I’ll give you articles, video’s and the exact resources that I’ve used to completely overhaul my life. 

I really love connecting with you so please let me know how I can best support you.  I’d also love to hear what you’re up to, and what you’re celebrating! If you have specific question, please click on the “Ask Jodi” tab and send me your questions.

All my best,

Helping YOU “Crack The Code” To Phenomenal Life Success

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