No doubt growing up you’ve heard one or more of these

–   Money is the root of all evil
–   You have to work hard to make money!
–   It’s not spiritual to make money
–   We can’t afford it… money doesn’t grow on trees

Any of those sound familiar? I know I’ve heard them a time or

Is money really evil?  And are you convinced you have to work
like a dog to make money? 

Fast forward to today and all we hear is…”Times are tough; you
can’t make money in this economy!” Well its true isn’t it? After
all we hear it and we read it and we talk about it over and over
so it must be true!

Well, yes, it may be true for you if you have a scarcity mindset.
Because there is plenty of evidence of people making lots of
money in this economy. How you perceive money determines the
money or the lack of money in your life

When you’re focused on what you “don’t have” or the “lack” in
your life, you will see more and more evidence of scarcity
You’ll have all the proof you need and then you’ll say, “I knew
it… it’s impossible to get ahead.”

But what if you could see it differently?  What if you had a
paradigm shift from a scarcity mindset to an abundant mindset?
Because money is just a mindset and until you can have a shift in
your head
about money, you’re not going to bring about powerful

The next few “How To Do It” emails will be focused on attracting
money and abundance. I’ll share tools and exercises I’ve learned
that have helped me shift my thinking and reset my negative
emotions (vibes) around money

How To Do It:
This week, start to notice how you’re thinking and
feeling about money and the kinds of conversations you’re having.
Are you talking over & over about what you “don’t have”? How hard
it is to get ahead? That you don’t have the money for this and
this and this?

If that’s you, it’s important to catch yourself right away and
STOP talking about it. There’s no reason to say it out loud and
explain it over & over. Perhaps you’re just joining in the
negative conversation… well don’t buy into that! These statements
have negative moods and feelings attached and will attract even
more “lack of money”.

When you change your words about money, your vibe will begin to
shift and your results will change.

This is a huge start! Let me how this is working for you!

Wishing you an ABUNDANT week!


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