You probably think the secret to getting more money is through
 hard work and perseverance….

 Or you might think money comes to those who are deserving or have
 good luck?

Well my goal is to help you change the way you think about
money, because how you think about money determines your ability
to attract it. What you have in your wallet, or in your bank
account is just feedback to how you’re thinking and feeling about

I invite you to consider this…

You’re journey to financial abundance or anything else for that
matter…is an emotional one

You see we’re constantly radiating or vibrating or putting out
energy based on our emotions, which can sometimes change hour by
hour and minute by minute. Think of yourself as having little
transmitters sending out energy (vibes) based on how your

Well if you’re feeling “lack” or like you don’t have enough, you
can’t possibly attract abundance; it’s a different energy
(vibration).  If you’re feeling poor you can’t attract prosperity
because the Law of Attraction states that you attract whatever is
similar in vibration. 

Your goal then to have more money and abundance is to get into
vibrational alignment with abundance.  In other words you have to
get into the energy of it.

Now you’re probably wondering how can I possibly do that?  Well I
know you’re already experiencing it:

Abundance is that WooHoo feeling when you pull into a parking
space and find 25 cents already in the parking meter. Am I right,
do you celebrate with a little WooHoo?
– Abundance is that quick little burst of excited energy you get
when you find a buy one get one free deal.

– It’s that lucky feeling when you scratch off the winning
numbers on the lotto ticket.

– It’s the feeling when you get front row parking.

– and it’s the feeling when you find out you’re getting a check
in the mail.

That’s abundance! It’s the overall feeling of well being.  It’s
the feeling of having “enough” or “more than” which is quite
different than the feeling associated with “lack” or “not

The good news is that the feeling of abundance can be duplicated.
Remember when you would play charades and have to act out the
feeling of excitement, or anger, or worry? Well, you can also get
into the energy of abundance on purpose and then the powerful
universal energy (Law of Attraction) will match it and bring you
more of the same. WooHoo!

How To Do It:
Money has little to do with dollars & cents … it has everything
to do with getting into the energy or feeling of abundance.
1. Find proof of abundance and celebrate it in the moment!

2. Duplicate the feeling by conjuring up a memory of a time you
did feel abundant and savor that.

3. Record the evidence.  Create an abundance journal and write
down all the evidence that shows up. 

Now you’re in the energy of Abundance and as you log it in your
journal – it’s as if you’re tricking Law of Attraction.  You see
Law of Attraction doesn’t know if you’re experience it first
hand, remembering it, playing charades and acting out abundance,
or recording it in your journal.  It’s picking up your vibe and
saying “I can match that, let’s give them more

Wishing You WooHoo Week!

Helping YOU ‘Crack The Code’ To Phemomenal Life Success!

P.S. Share with me what you’re celebrating this week!
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