If I were to ask you, “How can you make more money this month?”
 My guess is that you’d say:

 – work overtime
 – sell stuff on eBay
 – get a part time job

Oh you might have a couple of more, but am I correct in my
assumption?  And if none of these suggestions felt good to you,
then you probably wouldn’t have any extra money this month.

When people think of attracting money, they think of cash they
can take to the bank.  But it’s also things of value that can
come from other sources.

I want you to see it differently. Abundance is about anything
that can equate to money and there are hundreds of sources
  For instance:

– Have you been treated to lunch lately? What was the value?
Wow, you got a free lunch!
– Did someone buy you coffee? Wow, you got a free coffee!
– How about a BOGO (buy one, get one free)?
– Have you used coupons lately?
– Did you receive free samples?
– How about an upgrade?
– Did you happen to get a rebate?
– What about a tax refund?
– Did you get free publicity?  Perhaps a referral? How much is
that worth?
– Were you able to cash in any frequent flyer miles?
– How about free advice from a professional?
– Did you find any money?  I always do… and I brag about it!

Here’s my point: There are hundreds of sources of money that come
to you that you might not notice… cash value or non cash value.

We tend not to notice. In fact we’ve frankly come to expect such
things and don’t give it a second thought.  We don’t say “Wow, am
I ever abundant!”

How To Do It:
This week I want you to become more conscious of when you
receive something you deem as abundant because there is true
value there, whether it’s something small or large. And in the
moment, train yourself to Celebrate! Wow, am I ever abundant…
I got a great deal or I got free stuff!

You see now you’re in the energy of abundance (you feel abundant)
and you’ll get more of it. Then you’ll celebrate and you’ll get
more of it. And then you’ll celebrate, and get more of it!
Nice huh!!!!!

Share with me what you’re celebrating this week – cash value or
non cash value.  I want to hear from you!

Wishing you an ABUNDANT week!


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