So we’re still talking about money in this “How To Do It” series.
Why? Because that’s what people want to know most… how to
attract money.

You’re learning the way to attract money is to reset your
vibe around money. Our goal is to shift from worry
and concern to an easiness and do I dare say …even playfulness.

That may be difficult for some of you to hear especially if you
have a negative charge around money right now but remember, it’s
a process and it can be accomplished with deliberate action. I
promise you when you change the way you think and feel about
money, your circumstances will change.

Today’s tool is yet another way of helping you remove negative
feelings about money.

How To Do It:
Take money out of the equation. When you do so your vibration
goes up and Law of Attraction will respond to it.

As you go about your day notice yourself saying:
– I really want that…. but it costs too much
– I’ll need to save $100 before I can buy that
– I’ll have to put away $1000 for that
I can’t afford this, I can’t afford that

Instead, I want you to remove money from the equation and get
into the energy of what you want the money for.

Is it …A new shirt?  A new fence?  A new car?

Here’s how I got my new car…

A few years back I totaled my favorite car spinning out on black
ice.  UGH!  Now I’d have to get quotes and drive all over town
test driving cars I don’t want because they don’t make the model
of my favorite car anymore and “I can’t afford a brand new

Notice as soon as I put money in the equation what happens to my
vibe? It lowers it.

After a brief pity party (yes I have them too, but notice the
word “brief”), I had to reset my vibe and therefore my focus. “Do
I want the money or do I want a car?”   I want a car that I love!

It’s a fine line but can you tell the difference?

So what kind of car would I like? I’d like a safe, dependable car
and ideally it would be another year and model just like I had.

It was a cute sports car, the inside looked like a little cockpit
and the outside had spoilers and…  (Note I begin to raise my
vibes as I describe the characteristics of my old car). I got
into the energy of the car I loved and almost overnight my
salesman from my favorite dealership called and said, “We just
got one in with your name on it”. 

Wow! Did I expect him to have my exact model (that they don’t
make anymore), one year newer with super low mileage,
perfect condition, a 3 year bumper to bumper warranty
for about the same price I was getting for my totaled car?
Not in a million years! It came from out of the blue!

What is something you desire that you know will cost you money?
What are you telling yourself about it?

Don’t put a price tag on it! Your job is to get into the energy
of what you want and let Law of Attraction handle the details.

Remember Law of Attraction matches feelings so get excited about
what you want and take money out of the equation!

Attract Deliberately!

Helping YOU ‘Crack the Code’ To Phenomenal Life Success

P.S. Talk back to me and let me know what you’re attracting
this week!