Do you think about money often? If that’s you and
I have a hunch it is… most of us do… I want to
make this point very clear: 

There are two (2) sides to money or any subject for
that matter:

 1. Abundance: The feeling of freedom and
abundance of having enough money

2.  Absence: The feeling of fear and not having
enough or the absence of money

Often people assume that as they say “I want more
money”, or “hopefully someday I can afford that”
they are speaking positively about it.

But if you say that while feeling fearful or
doubtful, then you are really speaking of
#2 the absence of money.

And here’s what’s important to know: (I want you
to write this down and put it up on your mirror,
or somewhere visible because it’s a biggie)

Law of Attraction doesn’t know or understand the
words you use, it responds to how you “feel” about the
words you use. 

So it’s really important for you to become aware
of how you’re really, and I mean really thinking
and most importantly feeling about money.

I bet right now you can think of something you’ve
wanted for a long time yet it has never come.  And
you probably came to the conclusion that it’s such
a struggle and may never come.

Here’s my question to you…were you thinking about,
talking about and giving your attention, energy and focus
to the excited anticipation of it, (abundant feeling)
or the absence of it?  I would bet the latter.

Note this: Regardless of how much you want money,
any focus or action will be counterproductive if
you come from a place (feeling) of lack.
Lack attracts more Lack!

How To Do It:
1.  Start now to pay attention to the way you
“feel” about money!

2. Deliberately spend time “feeling abundant”.

You can do this by:
Celebrating in the moment  (anything and
everything that is positive) and really milk that

Feeling thankful for what you already do have.

3. Keep an abundance journal.  When things show up
that you deem abundant jot them down. Pretty soon
you’ll be on page 78 and saying “WOW, am I ever

A few minutes of abundantness each day to start is
better than the 0 minutes you may be spending
right now.

And remember..…Law of Attraction is
always checking to see how you feel, and always
responding by giving you the same vibe.

All my best,

Helping YOU ‘Crack the Code’ To Phenomenal Life

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