Today’s “How To Do It” is a Must Read!

Ever feel like you’re living the same day over &
over?  Like Bill Murray in the movie “Groundhog
Day” are you still trying to get it right? Ready
for a new tomorrow?

If you want change, this article
can help you break the cycle.

Many people continue to focus on “not enough in
their lives” or their so called “reality” or “what
is”.  They feel compelled to tell it like it really is.

But as they think about “what is”, talk
about “what is” or even just noticing “what is”
keeps them in a perpetual state of “what is”.
Hence…Groundhog Day!

Here’s how the cycle works:

1. You observe and focus on what you’re getting
whether negative or positive.  Example:
– You open your wallet and notice there’s no money.
– You get the overdrawn notice in the mail.
– The stack of bills continues to pile up on the kitchen table.

2. As you observe what you’re getting, you’re
sending a vibe (negative or positive).
You open your wallet and notice there’s no money.
What happens to your vibe? It lowers it.
Are you doing it on purpose? No, it’s an
unconscious response. You’re just noticing
something, feeling good or bad about it and
emitting the corresponding energy.

3. While you’re sending the vibe (negative or
positive) the Law of Attraction responds, giving
you more of the same energy.  Law of Attraction is
obedient. It doesn’t know if you want it or not,
or if it’s good for you or not, it’s only job is
to match the vibe (energy) you’re sending.

4. You get more of the same experience. If you
like what you’re getting, celebrate it. In your
celebration you’ll attract more. But if you’re
thinking about or observing the lack of money, or
the lack of anything, you are getting more “lack”.

Wow! Who Knew! So in order to move past Groundhog Day…

How To Do It:
– Take your observation from what you don’t want
to what you do want. It’s not necessary to give
your attention, energy, and focus to “what is”.
Focus on what you want instead and expect it will
show up.

– If those bills and bank statements and bank
notices have a negative charge for you, put them
out of site.  Do what you can, pay what you can,
and put them away so you’re not observing them

– The goal is to duplicate the “vibe” of
abundance. Put a $50 or $100 in your wallet and
keep it with you.  Every time you open your wallet
you say “Wow, I’m abundant”. And what happens to
your vibe? You get that little jolt of positive
energy. Even 1 minute of feeling abundant is
better than 0 minutes. Increase those minutes each
day and celebrating abundance will become a way of

– Put this on a stickie note: If I’m observing
what I’m getting now, I’ll keep getting it.  The
only way to get a different result is to send a
different vibe.

Life has a funny way of repeating itself. Being
Deliberate with your thoughts and words can help
you Create your life the way you want it to be!

Live Abundantly!