We’re wrapping up this “How To Do It” Money series and I want to make sure you get this very important lesson.

The only way to attract more money and abundance in your life is to send the vibration (vibe) of abundance.   You see most people put the cart before the horse and say “If only I had (fill in your blank) then I’d be happy”. “When I get that house, car, job, you name it… then I’ll really be happy”.

And I say, “I’m sure you would be happy”, but that’s not the way it works!

You must first really get into the feeeeeling of abundance even before the evidence of the (new car, house, job, etc) shows up, then what you want will come to you as long as you maintain the feeling of abundance (without doubt and resistance). I promise you! I have lots of proof.

The best news about that is that abundance is a feeling and we can deliberately duplicate the feeling of abundance.  Actually anytime you feel good, you are accomplishing the feeling of abundance.  It’s just that so many people have a negative charge around money that they actually push it away. 

I’ve given you lots of tools over the past several weeks to help you reset that negative charge.  It may be helpful to review and even print out those tools and keep them handy.  You’ll find them all on my blog in the Law of Attraction Money category.

Here are a few more tools to help you reset your vibe around money:

How To Do It:
1. Don’t cash in the lottery tickets:  We win $2.00 and we get that little burst of excited energy (abundance) and then what do most people do? They keep playing until they loose and then say “I keep wasting money”. If you hold on to the ticket (unless it’s for the big bucks of course), what can you call yourself? A winner! I doubled my money! I’m so abundant! Really milk that moment and every moment you look at the winning ticket.

2. Become a Proof Hunter & Celebrate the Evidence of Abundance:  Watch for evidence of abundance (the discounts, the free stuff, the rebates, & coupons, etc) and Celebrate. As you celebrate the Law of Attraction will bring you more to celebrate.

3. Let Law of Attraction handle the details: If you’re one of those figurer-outers, in your figuring out where it’s going to come from, you’re closing lots of opportunities. Next time you catch yourself saying “I wonder how, or I wonder where it’s going to come from”, instead tell yourself “Let Law of Attraction figure it out”.  Your job is to focus on what you want, Celebrate the evidence, and let Law of Attraction orchestrate the details.

Deliberatly use the tools that work for you to get into the energy of abundance and the powerful Law of Attraction can only match your vibe and bring you more abundance!

 Celebrate Abundance!