Which of these applies to you?

Relationship struggles? Job concerns? Money problems? Need a new car? Can’t sell your house? Want more customers or clients? Have weight issues? Health concerns? Feel stuck in a rut and can’t get ahead?

Any of these sound familiar? If that’s you, then I’ve got the perfect tool for you.

Here’s a process that you can use again & again for the rest of your life that will bring you great results. It applies to absolutely every situation.

I successfully used this model to attract my ideal relationship, my ideal car, my ideal career, my ideal brand new house and most importantly my ideal healthy body.

And I don’t wait for troubles to show up. I use it proactively when I want to attract anything, for instance: my ideal audience, my ideal graphic designer, my ideal speaking opportunity, my ideal everything.

How To Do It:
1. Take out a blank piece of paper and fold it in half vertically. Now you have 4 columns using both sides of the paper.

2. Pick an area in your life where you’re not happy with your results, or choose something new you want to attract.

3. Title column 1: ‘DON’T WANT’. Below, list everything you don’t want or don’t like about what you’re getting in that area. The more you list the better. I know I told you to not to focus on what you don’t want but this will be brief and so important to this process.

4. Title column 2: ‘DO WANT’. Go back through your list in column 1 and line by line ask yourself “if I don’t want this, what do I want?” Then record what you do want in column 2. (This should be the opposite of what you listed in column 1).

5. Title column 3: ‘WHY I WANT IT’.  In this column I want you to to write and write and write all the reasons you want this.  This exercise should raise your vibes and set the energy in motion. Remember, Law of Attraction is a matcher of your vibes, so ideally you would repeat this step often.

6. Last, title column 4: ‘WHY I DESERVE IT’. We get what we BELIEVE we deserve. If you have any blocks to receiving, this exercise will uncover it. Watch for future articles that will be helpful in this area.

This is the Deliberate Attraction Process. I invite you to turn over a new leaf starting right now and deliberately attract more of what you want

All you have to do is to give your attention, energy and focus to what you desire, believe and expect it will show up and it will be yours. The Law of Attraction guarantees it.