… having lunch with Fred Pryor and me. 

You probably would have been enamored by Fred’s pearls of wisdom.  You see, more than 30 years ago Fred created a professional development business that today has transformed into Fred Pryor/CareerTrack, an international seminar company. Perhaps you’ve even attended one of his seminars on your own or through your employer.  I’m in complete awe of him.  Over those 30 years this man has taught over 8000 seminars ….himself!

So back to lunch…. I was engrossed in the conversation when out of the blue he said this….

 “ya know… It Ain’t Dog Food If The Dog Don’t Eat It”

Seriously?  Did I just hear that? Not really understanding what it meant I just chuckled so not to embarrass myself.  After careful consideration…it later hit me and I thought to myself… “now that is brilliant!”

How about you? What’s your interpretation of “It Ain’t Dog Food If The Dog Don’t Eat It”?

How To Do It:
Here’s my “aha” from Fred’s comment and I believe it applies to everything we do…

1. Take a look at what you do and be honest with yourself…. is it working? Are the dog’s eating it up?
2. Be open to feedback and make adjustments along the way
3. Be authentic because if you’re not, people can feel it!
4. Be true to yourself because if you’re not, YOU can feel it!

The moral of the story is this: The Law of Attraction is always picking up on the way you feel…. so always be real and have them eating it up! (referring to Fred’s dog analogy of course).