Ever feel like you’re living life on fast forward?

Do you sometimes get overwhelmed with so many things to do, you get distracted and feel out of control? 

 If that’s you, then I’ve got a great tool to help you take more control over your day. 

First, let’s start with what I know for sure.  And that is that Law of Attraction is working in our life whether we know it or understand it or not, and when we don’t take the time to create our day the way we want it to be, we end up creating our experiences by default, rather than by design.

So, here’s a little tool that can help you create your day, or create a particular experience on purpose!

It’s called Pre-seeding…  just like planting a seed in a garden and expecting a beautiful garden. You might also call it pre-paving… paving the way for your ideal experience…. on purpose.

Either way, here’s an example of How I do it:

I recently attracted a new speaking/training opportunity that would require lots of travel (which is why you didn’t hear from me last week… sorry).  I decided I would pre-seed the way I wanted it to go.  I said things (out loud) like “I’m in the process of attracting all that I need to know, do and have to attract my ideal seminars.  My flights will be smooth and on time, I arrive at my destination feeling calm and relaxed.  I find my hotel easily, get a great nights rest and wake up feeling rested and excited.  I attract the ideal perfect audience who is positive and anxious to learn”… in other words, I create a story with my thoughts and words, and positive emotions. 

So, when the hotel gave me a suite (out of the blue), I said, “that’s here because I’m a deliberately attractor”.   And when my seminars were full of high positive energy, I said “I’m such a deliberate attractor”. And then of course I celebrate it all!

Here’s why it will work for you: When you’re able to take a few minutes out of your day and deliberately focus on a specific subject, you bring forth more clarity…. which brings forth positive emotions.

And remember our thoughts words and emotions  send a vibration and the powerful Law of Attraction will bring us more of the vibe we’re sending.

 I’m sure you’ve had the experience when you’ve said, I don’t want this or that  to happen… and then what shows up? That thing you’ve been saying all week you DIDN’T want. So, why not say what you DO want to happen!

You see, Law of Attraction doesn’t know if you want it or not, or if it’s good for you or not, it’s simply matching the vibe you’re sending. That’s why it’s a law.

So, decide to today to pre-seed your day!

How To Do It:
–  When you wake in the morning, instead of flipping on the morning news, deliberately take a few minutes to tell the story of the way you want your day to go.

– spend the drive time pre-seeding your  day and/or a specific upcoming experience.

–   Use your thoughts and words and positive emotion to send the vibe of the way you want it to be, and the powerful Law of Attraction will respond.

 When you think about what you want for your future, it will begin a forward motion.

And keep this in mind… if you don’t take the time to pre-seed, then you are attracting all sorts of things you may or may not want, and living life by default.

It’s Your Story… Tell It The Way You Want It To Be!