It’s that time of year again! Are you busy creating your New Year’s goals or Resolutions?

Goal setting can be a great exercise because it helps you get clearer about what you want.

However here’s an area where a lot of people fail in the process… could you be making the same mistake?

Traditionally as people write their goals, they are moving ‘away from what they don’t want’ rather than moving “toward what they do want.”

For instance you might state:

–   I want to quit smoking
–   Get rid of negative people in my life
–   Quit charging so much on my credit card
–   Get out of my unhappy relationship
–   Quit the job I don’t like
–   Stop overeating

Can you see the common theme here?  Your keywords are focused on what you don’t want or what you’re
trying to move away from (smoking, negative people, charging credit card, unhappy relationships and jobs, and overeating).

So, when you say you want to quit smoking, you’re giving attention to smoking.  The same when you say you want to quit overeating, you’re still giving your attention to overeating.

And remember, the powerful Law of Attraction can only match what you’re giving your attention, energy and focus to and bring you more of it.  So we need to turn this around!

How To Do It!:
Re-word your goals or resolutions in terms of what you do want:

–   Focus on healthy lungs
–   Attract positive people in my life and business
–   Grow my bank account
–   Attract my ideal relationship
–   Attract the ideal job for me
–   Adopt healthy eating habits
The difference is that now you’re stating your goals with a positive twist and that should feel a
whole lot better.

So give those goals a positive spin, set the energy in motion and watch for Law of Attraction to bring you more positive results in this New Year!

Happy New Year!


P.S. If your curious if your goals are moving in the right direction, share them here and I’ll be happy to assist!