Are you juggling way too many customers or clients that leave you frustrated, unappreciated, and exhausted? Do you wish they would buy all of your products or services, pay full price, and leave you feeling happy and energized?

You can have all the customers you want, but if they have you jumping through hoops, they’re negative or demanding, they’re not “ideal”.

Law of Attraction will bring you what you give your attention, energy and focus to, so let’s focus on those who will make you excited to get up in the morning rather than those who drain you of your energy. There are enough customers and clients out there; your job is get clear about your “ideal” customer.

Here’s a recent scenario involving Tony and how he’s attracting his “ideal” customers:
The scene: My patio.

My husband Tony was on cloud nine when he arrived home from his business trip.  He had just been promoted to a senior level position within his company and was filling me in on all of the exciting details.

So I asked “what is the objective of your new position?”  “I need to work with my sales team to bring in new business” he said.

I went into my Law of Attraction teacher mode, grabbed my yellow legal pad & said, “So tell me about your ideal customer.”   Here’s a bit of the conversation:

Tony: “Ones who are loyal and committed to us”
Jodi:  “Good what else?”

Tony: “Ones who appreciate our value”
Jodi: “Good what else? “

Tony:  “I guess that’s it”
Jodi:  “Oh really…. Think about your current customers.  Do any of them complain? Are they ever late paying their bills? Do any have you spinning your wheels? “

Tony: “Oh for sure, not many but let’s add that to the list.”

And so we went on to complete the sheet.  You see when I originally asked the question; Tony stated he wanted customers who were loyal and appreciative.  Well that’s a great start, but what if the customer was loyal, appreciative, but never paid their bills or only bought once a year.  That’s not “ideal”.

To help you get clear, first make a list of what you don’t want or don’t like about your existing customers or clients and then convert that to what you do want. And, the more contrast (what you don’t want) you can come up with the clearer you’ll get.

One final question for Tony:  “Do you want to have to beg for those customers”, I asked.
“I want them to come to me easily; I want them to fall into my lap” he replied.

So, we completed the list feeling great about his “ideal” customers and set it aside.

The very next morning Tony walked into the kitchen and yelled, “You won’t believe this” (evidence of Law of Attraction).  He went on to read a message he received through the Social Media LinkedIn.  “Tony, Congratulations!  Your promotion is perfect timing.  I have 8000 jobs for you, call me Monday.”

Wow! “Ideal” customers really can fall into your lap! I know Law of Attraction can feel “unbelievable” at times; I promise this is a true situation that took place just two weeks ago!

I hope this story inspires you to use the “Clarity through Contrast” tool to help you get clear about your “ideal” customers, clients or whatever it is you want to attract.  First, list what you don’t want, which will help you birth clarity and get excited about what you do want.  When you’re clear, you’ll find that things will flow to you much easier and faster.  Remember, you get what you focus on so make it “ideal”.