So you may be pretty good at this Law of Attraction process, yet you still experience doubt.

Does this sound familiar….You’ve identified your desire and later you hear that little voice in your head that says “you can’t have that, who do you think you are? You’re too old, too young, not experienced, not educated, too fat, too skinny, unlucky in love, don’t have enough money” and so on.

In my own learning I’ve discovered that the most important and often least understood step in the Deliberate Attraction process is Step 3, the Allowing piece.

People ask me all the time… I’ve built my list (step 1), I’ve raised my vibe (step 2), now when can I expect what I want to show up? (step 3).

Here’s what I teach in my workshops, this is really important. The speed at which Law of Attraction will manifest what you are giving your attention, energy & focus to is always determined by how much doubt or resistance you have in receiving it.

Ouch! So there it is.  You see your Negative vibes (doubt & resistance) are diluting your positive vibes of your desire.

The key to the whole process is removing doubt! But how?

Find Proof!  Think about it….. if I told you I could to a triple back flip, you might say, I doubt it.  Then if I accomplished it, you’d say, wow, now I believe it!

Find Proof:

How To” Do It:
1) Recall a time when you set high goals for yourself and achieved something you originally doubted. There’s your proof!

2) Notice as people, information, situations or events show up in your life that are proof you’re lining up your energy to match your desire. Typically we call that a coincidence or serendipity, luck or fate. Now you can say, “That’s here because of me”.  You’re proving that it works and lessening your doubt.

3) Keep a Proof journal. During the day notice and celebrate your manifestations and then record your entries into your journal. This will cause you to spend more time giving attention, energy, and focus to your desire, plus you’ll soon be able to flip through your journal and notice pages full of proof! When you have more proof you get rid of doubt much quicker.

Becoming a Proof Hunter will help you lessen your doubt and resistance so you attract more of what you desire!