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It’s Day 3 of the Meditationfest, and you get to enjoy a special conversation and meditation by Jeddah Mali. It comes from her “Seeds of Enlightenment” program, published by Learning Strategies.

Many people find it amazing how incredibly articulate Jeddah is and how she distills existence to such “user friendly” terminology. The sea of awareness that we access when we turn our conscious attention to our breath is palpable. When we do that, we bring ourselves into direct connection with the present moment with its infinite possibilities and potential.

When doing Jeddah’s meditation, notice how similar that feeling is to what occurred when you accessed the orb of light that Deirdre had us pour through our body in Day 1 and the emptiness that Chunyi had us connect with in Day 2. How interesting that three such different meditations reference and take us to such similar states. Common threads are always worth taking a look at. They often put us in touch with Truth with a capital “T.”

It is so intriguing that we can only access the infinite energy of the sea of awareness directly in the present moment.

Stop and think about where our attention is most of the time. For many people it is squandered on regrets about the past and worries about the future. Where can we do anything about either of those? Only in the present moment. That’s where our power resides, and unless we bring our attention into the present moment, it is frittered away, day after day.

Notice as well that the present moment is not static. When we put our awareness there, it is incredibly peaceful, and at the same time contains incredible potential and power for change. It has a constant, reliable, infinitely accessible nature but allows infinite permutations, and complete freedom to create whatever we wish within each moment. It holds limitless possibility and has no agenda at all. It is waiting to do our bidding.

What incredible power we have access to, if we choose to step into conscious awareness in the present moment.

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Coaching tip:

Experiment with bringing consciousness into your everyday life. Decide on a specific prompt that will cause you to take a few conscious breaths – perhaps each time you access your email account or stop at a traffic light. Notice your inhale, the space immediately following the inhale, then slowly exhale and notice the space following the outbreath.

Bringing yourself into present moment awareness like this will help you to more and more readily access a state of peace and tranquility. It also puts you in touch with the power that is always available in the present moment, allowing you to make clear, conscious choices about what you do with the incredible sea of energy that is all around us and of which we are a part.

How empowering is that?!

Enjoy!   I sure am!


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