Affirmations can be powerful tools for transformation! So why don’t they always work?

One reason is that we don’t believe we can really have what we want. It’s important to make your ‘wants’ both exciting and believable!

Each affirmation should be big enough to be exciting but realistic enough to be believable to you. When you read your affirmation aloud what feeling does it evoke?

Positive Vibes:
Your affirmation must be about something important to you to stir you, get you excited, cause you to daydream and talk about your desire.  These behaviors feel good, and the Law of Attraction responds by sending you more good feelings.

Negative Vibes: if your affirmation is too big, unrealistic, or unimaginable, your disbelief in its attainment feels bad, and the Law of Attraction responds by sending you more bad feelings.

 **Key Point: Whatever you’re feeling, the Law of Attraction is matching and therefore delivering!


 Example: Say you have the long-range goal of becoming the CEO of a large company, or you desire to lose a lot of body weight. The affirmation for such a major goal feels overwhelming.  Consider dividing your goal into smaller interim steps and smaller affirmations until your longer-range goal feels more attainable.

This month, as you create your new affirmations, ask yourself how you feel about each one. Are they exciting? Are they Believable? If they don’t feel good, keep tweaking them until they do!

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