Are you tired of putting things off? Is there something important you’ve been neglecting? Are you frustrated by continually delaying tasks?

Perhaps You…

– Set goals and then forget about them
– Don’t set goals at all
– Want to keep your home or office clean but….
– Don’t balance your checkbook and then it becomes a huge project
– Don’t make payments on time (even though you have the money) and now you have a late fee
– Meant to mail the warranty for the new gadget and never got around to it. Now you have to pay for full replacement costs

If you see your pattern here, then it is time to do something new 
These uncompleted tasks are energy drainers!

In his program “Life By Design” Dr. Rick Brinkman tells us there are 5 reasons people procrastinate:

1). When things are too big. If something is too big we don’t know where to start and so we don’t.
2) Fear of failure. The safest way not to fail is not to try
3) When things may be unpleasant.  (This may be a result of 1 or 2 but sometimes it can stand on its own)
4) Perfection paralysis.  We care too much and wait for the big block of time.
5) Simple habit.  A default setting that we just haven’t changed.  We tend to respond to urgency instead of what’s important.

Do any of the above fit you?

According to Dr. Brinkman your single greatest ally to getting past procrastination is breaking things down into the most simple action steps.  It may be as simple as making the first phone call, filing one stack of papers, or blocking out 30 minutes on your calendar to focus on a project. Breaking things down and having them mapped out will move you through reasons #1 – #4 above, and about #5…. well habits are meant to be broken.

If you’re tired of putting things off and want to conquer procrastination….

Here’s ‘How To Do It!

  1. Make a list of the goals you haven’t accomplished or the tasks you’re putting off right now.
  2. Determine the most likely reason from the list above
  3. Break it down into simple action steps
  4. Map out all of the steps  (I use a mind mapping tool or you can create a simple outline)
  5. Take that first step and then reward yourself
  6. Consider the ‘Get Around To It’ Paraliminal Cd. It works on the sub-conscious level to break the procrastination habits that aren’t serving you well.

When you take action to break bad habits you’ll experience peace of mind, attract more positive energy and experience more balance in your life!