matchmaker-tx_mediumIs Law of Attraction a Match-Maker?

You bet it is! And it’s probably the best match-maker on the planet.

But it doesn’t always bring you the match you want, it brings you the match you think or feel you deserve as a result of your thoughts, words, emotions & beliefs.

I know, I wish it were a bit simpler, just ask for what you want and you’ll attract it. But you see Law of Attraction is a match-maker of vibes, it’s matching that true gut feeling you have and ultimately project, emulate or put out. You can’t hide anything from this match-maker… whatever vibe/energy you’re putting out – is what you’ll attract. Whoa! A perfect match!

I still get a chuckle when I think of a networking event (as described by my mentor Michael Losier, author of the book Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don’t

Imagine a large networking breakfast, lunch, or dinner (I’m sure you’ve attended 1 or 2) or it could even be a speed dating event and everyone is wearing a name tag. Only this name tag is special. In addition to your name, it also includes your vibe number.

Let’s see how this works. As your checking in, they give you this assessment. On the vibe meter scale, 0 to -50 representing a negative vibe, and 1 to +50 is a positive vibe, where do you fall on this scale in terms of your relationship or attracting your ideal mate?

-50 (negative vibes)                                0                          +50 (positive vibes)

So now your name tag indicates your name and your vibe level, (+ positive or – negative).

If you’re feeling self-confident, loving and giving, (perhaps you’re at a +40 or +50), you’ll attract others with a similar number on their name tag.

Feeling a bit self-conscious, not attractive, or unloving? Well then you may attract a -20 or -30 and others with the same number.

How can you tell what your vibe level is? Well you’ll know by the way you feel!

If you want to attract a partner who’s vibrating at a higher level…

Here’s ‘How To’ Do It:
You must feel it, be it, act it!

1) Recall a time when you were in a loving, nurturing relationship (Law of Attraction doesn’t know if your daydreaming or imagining or really experiencing it)

2) Be loving to yourself by practicing self-care (be loving and kind to yourself… really! Figure out what makes you feel good and just do it)

3) Be kind and give to others (When I was feeling my absolute lowest, I deliberately volunteered my time to those who need our love, kindness, assistance and often just attention). Find an area you’re passionate about, show kindness to them and just notice how abundant and loving you feel!

Remember Law of Attraction is the perfect match-maker! Focus on being a loving person and you’ll attract a loving partner!