Struggling over a negative situation?

Here’s a Quick Tool to get you feeling good!
Can you think of a time when you may have been so focused on a negative situation…. It could have been about a about a particular person or issue at work or perhaps even in your personal life, that you rehashed the thought over & over & over again and you weren’t sure you would be able to let it go?

That’s what happened to me at exactly 3:23AM this morning. There it was, front & center in my head, this little negative situation I had been giving way too much attention, energy & focus to!
But I couldn’t shut it off – I was rehashing every negative aspect and why I had the right to feel the way I did and on & on & on. My own personal pity party in the middle of the night!

Eventually, (I have no idea what time it was) I came to the conscious realization that hey, I’m feeling some negative emotion here. That was my warning bell that the Law of Attraction is at work matching my feelings, which meant that in that very moment I was in the process of attracting more of what I didn’t want!

Ouch! that doesn’t make sense…. I don’t want more of this stuff, so thank you for that warning bell, time to RESET!

I searched my brain through the zillions of tools I use and coach others to use. The first that came to mind was to turn this negative situation into a positive situation. But I just couldn’t do it. How could I look at something and feel good about it when I didn’t? It was too large of a vibrational leap for me, like a vibrational football field!

What did work however was to find the slightest thing that I did like or was grateful for. It started with deliberately noticing how comfortable I was in my bed, and then to my great health, and that led to all the wonderful opportunities coming my way and eventually I fell asleep.

You see in the moment of RESET or shifting my attention (even to something so small), attracts another positive thought and another and another and eventually the negative emotion and the negative attracting stops and the positive attracting begins.

‘How To’ Do It
1. Pay attention to your warning bell (your feelings) alerting you to the fact that you’re focused on a negative situation.

2. Be aware of the fact that the Universal Law of Attraction is matching your emotions and bringing you more of it, positive or negative.

3. Find something that feels good… Anything (rather than struggling to make that negative situation feel good in this moment)
I love this simple tool. It’s the quick way to get you feeling good and attracting more of what you do want! Let me know how it works for you!