AffirmationsButtonAre you one of the millions of people who stand in front of your mirror repeating positive affirmations like…. I am wealthy, I am the top salesperson in my company or I have an attractive body, and eventually give up because it just isn’t working?

One of the most powerful lessons for me came at a time when I hit rock bottom. I tell the story in my book Dynamic Affirmations, though I had just been diagnosed with a life threatening illness among other things. So, reaching for anything to help me feel better, I went out and bought a box of affirmation cards because I had always heard Affirmations were powerful tools for transformation.

I pulled one out and taped it to my mirror. Every day I looked in the bathroom mirror and repeated “I am healthy”, “I am healthy” over & over again.

One particular day (after a pretty hefty medical treatment), I repeated that affirmation for the very last time. That little voice in the back of my head said “no you’re not healthy, I’m sick – just look at me”! “This stuff doesn’t work”! And I yanked that card off the mirror and tossed it in the waste basket. How do you think I felt? Horrible right! It felt like I was lying to myself.

Here’s the lesson: Positive words (I am healthy), can cause you to feel bad (I’m lying to myself) and send a negative vibe! So positive words can have a negative vibe. And what does Law of Attraction respond to? To how you’re thinking and feeling.

So if you’re doubtful or skeptical or give up because you believe your affirmations are not working, just try tweaking them a bit to make them feel true for you and you’ll have much better success!