HowToDoIt160Ever have one of those days that you think can’t get any worse?

Ever felt like life has knocked the wind out of your sails?

Well, in today’s “How To Do It” I share with you 5 tools to help you reset your vibe for better results!

These tools have worked for me time and time again and I’m confident they’ll work for you too! The key is to be deliberate with your thoughts, words, actions!

How To Do It!
1. Acknowledge Your Emotions: It’s ok to feel doubt and disappointment; recognize this situation is temporary.

2. Observe Contrast Briefly: Focus on the negative stuff briefly. Negative emotion produces more negative results.

3. Be Deliberate With Your Words: Watch and Reset your negative conversations and negative self-talk

4. Focus On What You Do Want: You can’t focus on a problem and expect change. Deliberately refocus your attention to what you want to be/do/have.

5. Practice Gratitude: Being Thankful for what you do have is a great vibe reset tool.

Remember that Law of Attraction is always at work in your life. It’s matching your energy (vibe) and bringing you more of the same (positive or negative) experience.

Practice becoming more deliberate using the reset tools and you will find yourself attracting more of what you want. That’s what Deliberate Attraction is all about.