Refocus Your Negative Thoughts and Beliefs about Abundance!

AFL-EmailHeadIntroducing the first ever Abundance for Life Mindfest!

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This is the first time this material has ever been streamed free of charge. Tens of thousands have paid hundreds of dollars for this course, and now you get to do the course for free beginning on Monday, March 3. But only if you get your Free Pass today.

You will discover why you are not already putting into practice the success principles you already know (more…)

Guaranteed! 3 Tips To Improve Your Money Vibe

We’re wrapping up this “How To Do It” Money series and I want to make sure you get this very important lesson.

The only way to attract more money and abundance in your life is to send the vibration (vibe) of abundance.   You see most people put the cart before the horse and say “If only I had (fill in your blank) then I’d be happy”. “When I get that house, car, job, you name it… then I’ll really be happy”.

And I say, “I’m sure you would be happy”, but that’s not the way it works! (more…)