Looking For an Edge at Work?

ProgressWant to improve your performance and career success?

I’m excited to offer you an amazing tool that will help you in a variety of ways both professionally as well as personally.  I’m talking about online assessments.

Can you even imagine giving your doctor permission to operate on you without first reviewing MRI images? Of course you wouldn’t!

Similarly, smart business people leverage online assessments to make decisions about hiring, managing, promoting and leading others.  You can think of assessments as “MRI tests” to reveal someone’s innermost values, personality tendencies, skill sets, etc…

Assessments are a powerful self-improvement tool designed to help you improve performance and career success!  (more…)

Do You Ever Overreact Or Say Things You Wish You Hadn’t Said? 7 Tools To Help You Keep Your Cool!

overreactDo you ever overreact or say things you wish you hadn’t said?

Guess what?  It’s not your fault!

Neuro- Science (Study of the brain) has identified what’s called an Amygdala attack.  I’ll give you a basic description and then I’ll tell you how you can manage this attack so you lessen stress and save relationships.

In his book “Emotional Intelligence at Work”, Daniel Goleman identifies 2 parts of the brain:

1) Cortex – (conscious, thinking part of the brain)
2) Limbic system – (non-conscious,  emotional part of the brain)

This latter non-conscious Limbic system is where we store all of our memories, habits, past experiences, and it’s where our emotions are generated.  The job of the Limbic system is really to protect us…. from additional hurts and bad experiences etc.  So when it detects a threat, it literally hijacks our cortex and renders us unable to think rationally. (more…)

What’s Your Love Language?

It’s love at first site… that blissful state of euphoria when all is right with the world.  Eventually the magic fades and before too long we realize our partners aren’t perfect.  They’re not living up to our expectations and we become hurt & disappointed or even angry and resentful.

We catch ourselves saying things like…

“If he really loved me he would do this….”

“If she loved me she would tell me….”

According to Dr. Gary Chapman, unhappiness in relationships often has a simple root cause: we speak different love languages.  He goes on to explain that each of us has a primary love language. Though we may see aspects of ourselves in all five, there’s one that you just couldn’t give up. (more…)

Meditationfest Day 3; Rebalancer and Abundance!

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It’s Day 3 of the Meditationfest, and you get to enjoy a special conversation and meditation by Jeddah Mali. It comes from her “Seeds of Enlightenment” program, published by Learning Strategies.

Many people find it amazing how incredibly articulate Jeddah is and how she distills existence to such “user friendly” terminology. The sea of awareness that we access when we turn our conscious attention to our breath is palpable. When we do that, we bring ourselves into direct connection with the present moment with its infinite possibilities and potential. (more…)

Learn to use meditation to reset the energy of your day and set the energy of your life!

Reduce Anxiety, Increase Creativity, Learn Forgiveness, Increase Self-Esteem. Increase Longevity and Happiness! Need more reasons to try meditation?

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For the first time ever, seven acclaimed teachers and mentors share their profound meditation practices with you at no charge. To help you get all of the benefits of meditation including sweet peace, stress relief, immense wisdom, more energy, and a stream of health gains.

This FREE online event—called the Meditationfest—gives you an unprecedented opportunity to experience a series of relaxing meditations. All professionally recorded and produced to the highest standards, perfect for whether you are just beginning meditation or deep in a practice. I’ll be listening!
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