Reset, Refocus, Reenergize! 3 Simple Steps To Rapid Results. 

Module 2: Reset 

Learn How To Reset Your Vibe So You Can Stop Attracting What You Don’t Want, And Start Attracting More Of What You Do Want!

Lesson 1 : All About Vibes

Check out this video to become more aware of your moods and feelings and the vibe you’re putting out which determines the results you get.

9:35 min.

Lesson 2 : What is Law of Attraction?
You may just be learning about Law of Attraction or perhaps you’ve heard of it and you’re curious. Watch the video below to find out what it’s really all about and how it affects you.

Lesson 3 : 4 Box Technique
This super easy technique will help you clearly understand why you attract what you do.

5:40 min.

Lesson 4 : Reset Words

Words can be so powerful. Check out this video lesson to find out which ones cause you to attract negative things.

7:18 min.

Module 2 : Action Item

Don’t skip this lesson. It could be life changing.

3:45 min.

Module 2 : Live Workshop Recap

Check out this 40 minute Law of Attraction workshop. This will be a good recap of what you’ve learned to this point. See if you can respond with the audience and then just notice how quickly the answers come to you and how much you’ve learned already!

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