Abraham – as translated by Esther Hicks – recently gave the definitive explanation of what they mean when they talk about alignment with Source Energy. At the end of the workshop, after spending a long segment with a workshop participant who was struggling with circumstances that seemed overwhelming, Abraham gave perhaps the most passionate and amazing rampage they have ever given. The emotional reaction of the workshop attendees confirmed its power as a touchstone for anyone wanting to know when they are in, and when they are out of, their Vortex of Creation – where the only reality that serves us truly exists. Recorded on June 20, 2009, at an Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction Workshop in Boston, Massachusetts. For nearly 25 years Esther & Jerry Hicks have produced books, audio recordings and videos based on the Teachings of Abraham, and their latest book, entitled “The Vortex, is currently on the New York Times bestseller list. Esther explains that when she speaks for Abraham, she is interpreting blocks of thought from Non-Physical Source Energy – which she also sometimes identifies as her “Soul”. Esther doesn’t use the word “channeling” to describe her process, since she is not in a trance and is not hearing a voice in her head. Rather, she has trained herself to verbally interpret the same unerring Inner Guidance that is available to all of us. For more information, please view our YouTube video entitled “Abraham Explains Who They Are”, or go to www.abraham-hicks.com
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After 10 years, Jerry & Esther gave up their “Monster Bus” days – but not before their last RV helped them remember one final lesson from Abraham: The things that we sometimes think of as problems are actually the shortest route to whatever we have each put into our Vortex. This video tribute to Jerry and Esther’s decade of traveling around the US in four different motor homes features original music by Max Highstein. You can see the listing on the Marathon Coach website where Jerry & Esther’s last Monster Bus is for sale at: www.marathoncoach.com Esther & Jerry Hicks have been creating and distributing the Abraham material for nearly 25 years, and are the authors of numerous audio recordings, videos, and books based on the Teachings of Abraham. Their books routinely make the New York Times bestseller list. Esther explains that Abraham (no relation to the Biblical figure) is analogous to her “Inner Being” or “Soul”, and that she has learned to translate impulses from this Non-Physical energy using her own vocabulary. Esther doesn’t prefer to use the word “channeling” to describe her process, but understands if others do. For more information, please view our YouTube video entitled “Introduction To Abraham”, or go to our YouTube channel main page and watch any of the dozens of videos linked there. Or, you may go to our Abraham-Hicks website at www.abraham-hicks.com and listen to the free audio download entitled “Introduction To Abraham”, or browse the wealth of other