Long ago, before I even knew of this science called the Law of Attraction, I understood that if I wanted to break this cycle of “bad luck” I was experiencing, I had to change my negative thinking. Trust me, I had already tried everything else.

I was crying and complaining to anybody that would listen, I’d even write in my journal for hours about how unlucky I was. Divorced, out of a job, and diagnosed with a chronic illness, I was feeling pretty darn sorry for myself and wanted everyone else to join my pity party. This obviously didn’t help, yet I felt trapped and stuck and caught in this downward negative spiral. Little did I know I was creating more and more misery for myself.

The only thing I hadn’t done was to take some responsibility for the ugly stuff that was showing up and change my perspective. Ya right! Positive thinking? But what if there was something to it? Sigh! I had nothing to lose.

Fast forward to today…

I’m living proof that you can transform your life and your business through focused thinking and deliberate action. Recognizing the negative impact these events had on my thinking and the impact my negative thoughts had on my life, I delved into the study of Law of Attraction. Now a healthy, happy, successful certified Law of Attraction trainer and coach, I’m 100% dedicated to helping you remove the barriers and challenges of negative thinking and lead the positive, successful life you want and deserve.

How about you?

Ever feel powerless? Frustrated? Unable to make any significant real change?

In my new program “7 Strategies To Get Exactly What You Want,” I intend to help you get the results you want. I give you the tools and strategies you need to fine tune your thinking and take deliberate action.

Strategy 1 ~ How We Attract
Strategy 2 ~ Power of Thoughts & Words
Strategy 3 ~ Focus on What You Want
Strategy 4 ~ Raise Your Energy Vibration
Strategy 5 ~ The Allowing Process
Strategy 6 ~ Goal Setting With A Twist
Strategy 7 ~ Create Dynamic Affirmations

What do you want?

Is it money you want more of? A rewarding career? Improve Your Health? Or Attract the Love of Your Life?

It doesn’t matter what it is… once you have the tools, you can apply the proven formula to any part of your life.

But you do have to take action!

The Law of Attraction isn’t about wishing and hoping; it’s about results.

  • Discover why you attract what you do… the good, the bad, and the ugly!
  • Learn how to stop attracting negative things, situations, people & events!
  • Understand how to uncover & conquer those hidden beliefs that hold you back.
  • Get the specific tools to attract more of what you want, and less of what you don’t.

I promise that in this 8-audio program, I’ll de-mystify Law of Attraction for you. I’ll give you the tools you need to move forward faster and I’ll teach you “how” to apply it in your own life so you can experience the beneficial results for yourself!

“Very powerful and uplifting. Your life experiences have put you into a unique position
to help others as you have done for yourself. Your approaches, as well as the
methods you teach are life-changing. I couldn’t imagine a single person that after
applying what you teach wouldn’t be a happier and more productive person.
They should teach this in schools, the world would be a much nicer place.”

~ Tony Ash, Texas


7 Strategies To Get Exactly What You Want
8-CD Audio Set ~ $57


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Jodi Santangelo Copywrite 2021