Join Jodi in this lively, interactive, high vibe workshop “Introduction To Law of Attraction”.

Jodi is know as the “How To” Law of Attraction trainer and if you’ve never attended one of her workshops, grab a pen and paper and get ready to discover some valuable tools and raise your vibes!

If you have been to her seminars, well then you’re at an advantage. Hearing the information for the 2nd and 3rd time helps to integrate the information much faster in your life.

Buy this video if you want to learn:

– Why you attract what you do, both the positive and negative
– Words that cause you to attract negative things
– How to “reset” those words and start attracting more positive things
– Why some days feel like groundhog day… they just get worse and worse and worse
– To check in with your emotions and discover how they affect the results you get
Step-by-Step…How To Apply Law of Attraction To Your Life!

You can apply all of the tools you’ll learn to your:
– Relationships
– Business
– Customers/Clients
– Financial Situation
– Absolutely every area of your personal life and business!

Jodi interacts with the audience in this fun &  life changing “LIVE” workshop. (42 minutes)

Watch the live video or download the mp3 and listen in as Jodi shares tools & processes to fast track your personal and business success!

It’s guarenteed to change how you think, help you focus on what you want and give you the tools to attract your goals, dreams and desires with much faster results!


Introduction To Law of Attraction
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Introduction To Law of Attraction
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