Ready to make a positive change?

Get started in the right direction with Jodi and Darren.

Jodi thrives on helping people live the life they want and have always dreamed of. After getting laid off, losing a close relationship, and suffering from a serious health condition, Jodi was forced to make a change.

She turned to the Law of Attraction and found her answer. Today, she lives with passion and purpose as a Certified Law of Attraction Trainer and Coach.

In this CD, Jodi gets right into the foundations, the basics, the specific tools you need to immediately put the Law of Attraction in Action in Your Life!

During this 50-minute interview, you’ll learn:

  • What are Vibes?
  • Why they are important
  • How to reset your vibrations
  • Intention, Energy and Focus
  • From sick to healthy
  • From unhappy to happy
  • From lack to fulfillment
  • Power of words
  • Words to avoid
  • Power of Gratitude
  • Observing
  • Celebrating
  • How to overcome doubt and resistance
  • How to speed your manifestations

What do you want?

Let Jodi show you the simple techniques to get more of what you want… and less of what you don’t!

Isn’t it time to finally KNOW how to do it
and to APPLY it in your life?

I loved it! It’s sincere, it flowed, it was positive, and your step-by-step process
made it easy to absorb. It made sense, and you anticipated my very next question.
I really really loved it. By the time I finished listening, it actually raised my heart rate!
I’ve been studying this for a long time, and your information is such a
positive reinforcement
. I was so excited about sharing it with people,
I forwarded it to my friends that I know could absolutely benefit from
what you had to say. We’re constantly bombarded with negativity, and it’s so
important to reach out to other people sharing positive life-changing information.
One-by-one, you’re raising the vibration of the planet.”

~ Anna Pansino / Delray Beach, FL

— – — – — – —

“Jodi’s words inspired me in many ways to be accountable for my thoughts and words.
She inspired me to listen and watch my vibrations every second of each day.
The Law of Attraction gives me what I ask and think about as it responds to
both positive and negative vibes. By being ‘accountable’ to my vibes, I can recognize
my desires and bring to my life my dreams and wishes; however, I must be ‘willing to allow’
them to appear and feel ‘worthy’ of the abundance! Thank you, Jodi, for your inspiration,
and I will be watching your website for more information!”

~ Elaine Thompson / Oklahoma City, OH

— – — – — – —

“I just listened to your download, and I think you covered an amazing amount
of information
in the 44 minutes. The interview was well-thought-out and logically built
the LOA system block-by-block. It’s a good review for those already familiar with the
Law of Attraction, and an understandable and simple introduction to those learning
about it for the first time. I thought the examples you used were especially pertinent.
It was good to hear your story at the beginning, because your experiences are so universal,
and starting with them, we learn how the Law of Attraction literally changes lives —
and we can relate it to our own personal situation. I especially liked that
you gave tips and techniques mingled with the theory.”

Bea Boxley / Indiana

— – — – — – —

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