How many times have you been to the motivational seminars or read the so called ‘self help’ books and asked:

“How can I possibly apply to this to my life, my job, my relationships, my bank account, my family?”

Well you’re in luck! A lot of people give you the blah blah, but I actually tell you “How To Do It“!

Long before I decided to speak on the subject and become a Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator, people were asking me his one little question… How did you do it?”  They wanted to know “how” I completely overhauled my life.

I went from divorced, layed off from my job, and diagnosed with a chronic illness… to happy, healthy and doing what I love to do….teaching others the principles of Law of Attraction.  Now of course they want the step by step formula so they can apply it to their own unique circumstances and experiences.

So I’ve been sharing my “how to” secrets for years and finally decided to compile all of your questions into one very concise book.  I answer your questions step by step, and get right to the point.  No blah blah, just my frank answer.

I have a hunch… you might have one little area in your life that you’re not happy with the result you’ve been getting….

  • You might want to know how to attract the love of your life. Well you’ll find the steps on page 52
  • Have some bad vibes about money?  Learn how to attract money and abundance starting on page 19
  • Feeling unfulfilled and frustrated at your job? Get the precise steps on page 16 to attract your ideal situation
  • Tired of diets that don’t work? Start right now attract your ideal body image on page 46
  • Curious about Law of Attraction & Religion? I clear up the confusion on page 39
  • Want to introduce Law of Attraction to your kids?  My tips will help you do that on page 35

I unravel the mystery about the Law of Attraction in a simple, concise format.  I teach you “how to” clean up the negativity in your life and attract more positivity, and I lay out the formula to deliberately attract your goals, dreams, and desires.


          Grab your copy right now!  It’s a simple download so you can get started right away!

                       101 Law of Attraction Questions and Answers
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