If you’ve been struggling with goals and affirmations that just don’t work, this step-by-step guide walks you through 17 tools that will help you bust through any barriers you’ve had until now.

Learn the proven tools to help you create the life you want and truly deserve!

You’ll discover…

  • Why positive affirmations aren’t always positive,
    and positive thinking just isn’t enough anymore
  • See why other highly hyped solutions
    haven’t worked for you
  • Get a peek into the personal stories of real people using real tools. You’ll learn what they think of affirmations and get the successful tools they use today!


Powerful and life-changing. Jodi puts things into perspective,
so anyone desiring to improve their quality of life or relationship can do so.
Dynamic Affirmations is packed with insight and all the tools anyone needs to improve.”

Tony Ash, Corporate Exec

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“Jodi’s message is so practical and inspiring, it’s changing lives one at a time.”

Anna Pansino, Successful Investor

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“I felt affirmations and visualization were a load of empty happy thoughts that didn’t  work, until I used them in a competition for World Champion of Public Speaking — and won! Everyone should know about the tools you share.

Darren LaCroix, 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking


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