You are Cordially Invited
to Attract Your Ideal Life Experience!

This laminated card is printed with 5 Powerful Steps to help you learn and apply the Deliberate Attraction Formula to your life.

Imagine Deliberately Attracting money, your ideal business, relationships, or improving the relationship you’re in.

Carry it in your wallet or on your person as a reminder to remain focused on what you want.

  • Five-step formula for creating the results you want in your life and business.
  • Laminated card features five steps to deliberately attract more of what you want.
  • 2 1/2″ W x 3 1/2″ H (the size of a credit card)
  • Card has rounded corners and smooth edges
  • This card comes in an invitation note card which details the specific steps of the Deliberate Attraction Process.
  • Keep your “My Attraction Card” in your pocket or on your person to help you stay focused on your desires.

“I love my attraction card that I got at your seminar recently.
It is really helping me keep focused on what I want to attain in life.
I’m so glad you had these available at your seminar.”

~ Phyllis Kennedy

My Attraction Card
$4.99 each

designed by Elizabeth McCravy

Jodi Santangelo Copywrite 2021