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Jodi will customize programs to meet the needs of your organization and event! Her programs can be delivered in a variety of platforms including seminars, conference break-out sessions, coaching, lunch & learn workshops, and tele-classes.

View the most popular programs below:

Goal Achievement Bootcamp

Get Clear, Get Focused, Get Motivated, Get Results!

What’s your goal or resolution for this new year? Is it the same one or two that you had last year or even the year before? Is it to:

* Get fit
* Get organized
* Start that new business
* Get more customers or clients
* Increase your sales
Or perhaps create more work-life balance?

Are you hoping for better results this year?  Hope is not a plan!
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Accelerate Your Success; How To Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be!

Success can come easy when you have the right combination. Imagine being given the code to more focus, clarity and success!

Discover the Success Principles used by thousands of people around the world to realize their dreams of achieving breakthrough success in their careers, relationships, finances and experience more joy, happiness and fulfillment!

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Reset, Refocus, Re-Energize; 3 Simple Steps To Rapid Results!

What you give attention, energy and focus to is crucial to leading the positive, fulfilling life you desire!

In this program you’ll learn how to apply positive mindset principles so you can attract more ideal relationships, situations, and events both at home and for your business. Take home strategies for reducing & eliminating negativity and creating a more positive environment. Apply newly learned techniques for immediate results!

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Law of Attraction Programs

  • Goals & Affirmations; Setting The Energy In Motion ~ Click to learn more .
  • What Every Entrepeneur, Business Owner & Salesperson Ought To Know…~ Click to learn more .
  • Law of Attraction and Relationships – How to Attract Your Ideal Mate ~ Click to learn more .
  • Become More Abundant Using Law of Attraction ~ Click to learn more
  • How To Reduce Negativity in The Workplace and Adopt a Culture of Positivity

Secrets of Successful Communicators; Real World Strategies To Turn Every Relationship & Situation Into a Win/Win!

There’s lots of buzz around acquiring adaptive communication skills and for good reason.  People who posses these skills know how to reduce conflict and create instant rapport with everyone, including turning every encounter into a win-win situation.  This program provides real world ‘how to” information that you can put to work right now in your day to day activities and guaranteed to help you improve performance and career success.

This program has had a powerful impact on salespeople, managers, teams, spouses, parents & more.
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