These are Highly Recommended Resources Jodi uses, refers to, and often incorporates in her programs!

The New Relationship Strategies

Jodi’s Program “Crack the Code” To Connecting Powerfully With People, is based on the Platinum Rule and the styles mentioned in this program. This is an awesome set!

6 CD Version ~ $79.95
Save with the MP3 Download ~ $39.95

This Relationship Strategies system works like magic…
Learn it and all of a sudden people close to you want to move closer. Strangers you just met feel drawn to you. The people that never liked you begin to change their minds. Your children, spouse, and co-workers mysteriously begin to ” feel understood,” many times for the first time.

Platinum Rule  52-Week Email Series

Once a week for (52) weeks, you’ll get a new Platinum Rule lesson delivered right to your inbox.  With this quick, easy to read email series, soon you will get along with family, friends, and co-workers like never before.

52 Email Lessons ~ $9.99

One week learn about personality styles, the next you’ll discover how to know (just from talking to someone for a couple of minutes) what drives their behavior.  Find out what they desire, and what they dread.  You’ll learn to recognize why people do what they do.  Best of all, you’ll learn to slightly bend to their way of thinking so you will experience rapport with everyone you meet.

The Platinum Rule For Sales Mastery

213 page PDF e-Book ~ $9.99

What would it mean to your career if every prospect told you how to sell them? (They will, if you know how to listen)

How much time and effort would it save you if you knew which customers would love to refer you and which will never refer you? (We will teach you whom to ask and when to save your breath)

The Platinum Rule for Small Business Mastery

176 page PDF e-Book ~ $9.99

As a small business owner, you are faced with the challenge of ensuring that key facets of your business remain healthy.

You will learn how your behavioral style will either serve as an asset—or a hindrance—in each of these key areas of business success (and, more importantly, what to do about it!).


Assessments are a first step toward personal awareness.  You’re only a few mouse clicks away!  Ideal for individuals, employers, sales people, leaders/managers, entrepreneurs, students!

Platinum Rule Assessment & Report ~ $49.99

Platinum Rule Sales Assessment & Report ~ $49.99

Platinum Rule Leadership Assessment & Report ~ $49.99

Emotional Intelligence Assessment & Report ~ $49.99

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