Ever wonder why some people seem to have it all? They get raises, win prizes, get all kinds of free stuff… and we call them l-u-c-k-y!

Want to know how they do it?

It’s more than plain ‘luck’ and positive thinking…

In this informative interactive workshop, expert Law of Attraction trainer, author and coach Jodi Santangelo teaches us how to change the way we think about money. You’ll learn:

  • It’s not about working harder
  • Your perception about money determines whether it is a gift or problem
  • How your beliefs about money may push it away
  • How to change our thoughts and words to attract more abundance
  • Why and how Law of Attraction works
  • The three-step process for deliberate attraction
  • Tips, tools and action steps to change your prosperity consciousness
  • Why affirmations don’t work for most people and how they can
  • The secret to becoming more abundant

You will also bring home strategies for maintaining good language, positive thoughts, and a 30-day assignment to help integrate the message of Law of Attraction in your life.

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designed by Elizabeth McCravy

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