Mastering one important skill—adaptive communications—will help you become
 a charismatic, effective leader that others want to follow,
a top-producing sales professional,
an effective business owner,
and will improve all your personal relationships!

Time for Growth

What every business person ought to know about personality & behavioral styles and its impact on your business & sales

This is for you if...

let me tell ya about the peeps I serve!

You're in sales and want to discover how to gain the competitive advantage by quickly reading & responding to the style of each of your very different customers.

You are a in a leadership role and seeking to become the charismatic, effective leader that others want to follow. 

You're a small business owner with the desire to leverage your behavioral style to build customer and employee loyalty.

You want to turn your team into a high-performance team.

You just want some tools to avoid conflict at home and at work and improve all of your relationships both personally & professionally.

Let's dive in.

I'm your girl!

You are ready to make BIG waves in your life or business. 

You're ready to OWN your own power.

You're ready to hit it off with more people more often

Excited to turn every encounter into a win-win situation.

Who You Are...

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Once you register, you'll be directed to the page to watch the training. In this video training you’ll have one aha after another! learn how to spot clues to get a quick handle on anyone & easily determine their style, understand your own style to leverage your strengths & reduce your weakness, and how to apply adaptive communication techniques. Enjoy!

Watch the training

step 3

These practical tools are simple to learn, simple to remember, & simple to use because the approach taught here is so relatable. You have the ability to improve all of your relationships both in your business and personal life. If you should have questions or would like additional training for you, your  staff or organization please contact me.

Put the tools to good use

I'm all in!

This program is the recording of a live online program presented to the Orland chapter of SCORE.

In case you haven't heard of Score, they provide FREE expert help to entrepreneurs and those looking to grow their small business. They have a rich library of information and offer regular seminars to help you begin or take your business to the next level.
If you'd welcome some additional guidance in that regard, you can reach out to Score of Orlando here,
or find your local chapter at

Check out my FREE & FUN one hour step-by-step training. If you're wondering why you hit it off with some people, while others it's like oil & water, this training is for you. It's a practical approach to help you improve
all of your relationships both at home and at work.

By the time you've completed the program, my guarantee to you is this:
- You'll understand your own style (to leverage your strengths & reduce your weaknesses)
- You'll quickly identify other peoples styles (that will give you clues on how they want to be treated)
- And most importantly adaptability tools to help you connect with people quicker, deeper, & longer lasting.

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Register for the worksheet

Register for the worksheet

"This program has helped me understand my family, employees and business prospects so much better"

— Kim H.

— Deb D.

"Jodi is an excellent
facilitator & trainer." 

— Kesha W.

"This program has shifted my thinking about the way i interact personally & professionally."

— Sheri L.

"Jodi's presentation was both entertaining and very,
very informative"

— Sheri L.


— B.J. R.

"Excellent Class.extremely well-facilitated,extremely helpful!"

— Grace S

"Jodi is a delightful leader."

— Sheri L.

"Jodi is very engaging and

—Jenny J.

"Jodi is an amazing speaker
and motivator of people."

—Amy B.

"Jodi gave an enthusiastic presentation to our group.” 

get ready to shine!

One thing to know about me is that I am a life-long learner. I love to learn, and I love to teach. I was a corporate trainer for many years and a trainer in some capacity my entire career.

Today, one of my biggest clients is a national seminar company &  teaching topics like Communication & Emotional Intelligence.

However personal development is near & dear to my heart because it's had a huge impact on my life!

I truly believe you can create the life of your dreams! I know because I've done it myself and I want to help you do the same!

I know you're really going to enjoy & benefit from this training. If you have additional questions, email me:

a transformational trainer, Success Principles & Law of Attraction coach.

I'm Jodi.


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