Do You Ever Overreact Or Say Things You Wish You Hadn’t Said? 7 Tools To Help You Keep Your Cool!

overreactDo you ever overreact or say things you wish you hadn’t said?

Guess what?  It’s not your fault!

Neuro- Science (Study of the brain) has identified what’s called an Amygdala attack.  I’ll give you a basic description and then I’ll tell you how you can manage this attack so you lessen stress and save relationships.

In his book “Emotional Intelligence at Work”, Daniel Goleman identifies 2 parts of the brain:

1) Cortex – (conscious, thinking part of the brain)
2) Limbic system – (non-conscious,  emotional part of the brain)

This latter non-conscious Limbic system is where we store all of our memories, habits, past experiences, and it’s where our emotions are generated.  The job of the Limbic system is really to protect us…. from additional hurts and bad experiences etc.  So when it detects a threat, it literally hijacks our cortex and renders us unable to think rationally. (more…)