“Create Your Ideal Life”

Vision Board Workshop

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“Create Your Ideal Life”

Vision Board Workshop

Intentionally Manifest Your Dreams!


Can a Vision Board REALLY change your life?

Can something as simple as a collection of words and images pasted onto a poster board really help you achieve the life of your dreams?

According to Oprah, the answer is yes!

I happen to agree. My first Vision Board was full of visual representations of things I wanted but didn’t yet have in my life: the freedom that came from working for myself, engaging audiences through public speaking, even gorgeous beach views. And I’m thrilled to share that, since then, I’ve manifested those things – and more!

In fact, Vision Boards are endorsed by many extremely successful people. Katy Perry, Ellen DeGeneres, Jim Carey, and Beyoncé have all spoken to the transformative power of the Vision Board Process!

No matter what you aspire to, a Vision Board can help you focus on your goals and align your thoughts and behaviors in service of them. Big dreams, small dreams, and everything in between – if you’ve got them, this process can help you manifest them!

Join me for my Online Vision Board Workshop! (Without having to leave the comfort of your own home!)

This program will provide an opportunity for you to dig deep into your dreams, desires, and purpose in order to bring these things – and more! – into fruition!


With a step-by-step formula, I give you the tools and strategies in this program to create a beautiful vision board to effortlessly attract your ideal outcomes!


Here’s What You’ll Get:

* Clarity on what you really want (No more settling for someone else’s dreams)

* Tools to map out your ideal outcomes in each area of your life

* Understand just what it is that makes a Vision Board so powerful & why you’ll want to create one year after year, or perhaps more often.

* Your very own supplies checklist (So you’ll have everything you need!)

* A checklist to ensure you create a thoughtful, organized board that will inspire you on a daily basis (a chaotic board that you view regularly will attract chaos into your life). Not you, I provide a step by step process for you.

* An opportunity to let your creative juice’s flow, to dream and have fun

* Discover some additional tools that will accelerate the success of your board

* A beautiful finished product that you can look at every day to help manifest the life of your dreams


This workshop if for you if:

– You know you’re ready for something more, but need clarity around exactly what you want

– You have a clear vision for the kind of life you desire, but you haven’t been able to achieve it yet

– You have a big list of “somedays” that you’re not willing to put off any longer

– You’re tired of your dreams getting sidelined as you live your life making other people happy

– You are motivated to claim the incredible life that’s waiting for you by moving forward with intention and focus


If any of these statements ring true for you, Register for the program and your worksheets and let’s get started.

(Note: All the course video instruction is a pre-requisite to your actual creating your vision board. The time it takes to complete the powerful exercises and to create a meaningful board is in addition to the actual course time. I give you plenty of instruction & examples and do not use your course time to make a board with you).

“Hands down my favorite online workshop! The stories and notes I took were inspiring and helped me broaden my perspective for my board! Thanks Jodi “

~ Dee B.

Excellent … much appreciated … extremely well-facilitated … extremely helpful!! 

(the fancy hat that I worked for and got was a PhD in Adult Education and Counselling Psychology from the University of Toronto, so I’d like to think that I know good content, facilitation when I see it ?! ) … “

Thank you!

~ B.J. R.

“Thank you Jodi! What a wonderful event. Loved every minute of it. It was powerful and fun and you were the facilitator extraordinaire!!!!”

Thank you!

~ Adrilia V.

“Jodi is an excellent facilitator and trainer. Her vision, insights and knowledge will help you to achieve clarity and intention around your personal and business goals. Your organization will see positive, measurable results after just one seminar with Jodi!

I recently took a Vision Board class with Jodi, and I am a Vision Board facilitator myself. But Jodi’s intentional stories and relevant content, elevated my goals and vision for the future in a much more meaningful and empowering way!

I see my business thriving in 2021, thanks to Jodi’s compassion and expertise as a coach and trainer. “

~ Deb D.

“Thank you Jodi! Thoroughly enjoyed it and got great insight and some facilitation tips”

Thank you!

~ Cheryl G.

“Create Your Ideal Life”

Vision Board Workshop

designed by Elizabeth McCravy

Jodi Santangelo Copywrite 2021