Is This Draining Your Energy?


Are you tired of putting things off? Is there something important you’ve been neglecting? Are you frustrated by continually delaying tasks?

Perhaps You…

– Set goals and then forget about them
– Don’t set goals at all
– Want to keep your home or office clean but….
– Don’t balance your checkbook and then it becomes a huge project
– Don’t make payments on time (even though you have the money) and now you have a late fee
– Meant to mail the warranty for the new gadget and never got around to it. Now you have to pay for full replacement costs

If you see your pattern here, then it is time to do something new 
These uncompleted tasks are energy drainers! (more…)

Do You Ever Overreact Or Say Things You Wish You Hadn’t Said? 7 Tools To Help You Keep Your Cool!

overreactDo you ever overreact or say things you wish you hadn’t said?

Guess what?  It’s not your fault!

Neuro- Science (Study of the brain) has identified what’s called an Amygdala attack.  I’ll give you a basic description and then I’ll tell you how you can manage this attack so you lessen stress and save relationships.

In his book “Emotional Intelligence at Work”, Daniel Goleman identifies 2 parts of the brain:

1) Cortex – (conscious, thinking part of the brain)
2) Limbic system – (non-conscious,  emotional part of the brain)

This latter non-conscious Limbic system is where we store all of our memories, habits, past experiences, and it’s where our emotions are generated.  The job of the Limbic system is really to protect us…. from additional hurts and bad experiences etc.  So when it detects a threat, it literally hijacks our cortex and renders us unable to think rationally. (more…)

Words have power!

words have powerDid you know that words have so much power?

Here’s a challenge for you ….. And me.

What we think and feel and say is creative. What you say after the word “I” becomes a creative command. “I’m stressed”, “I’m overwhelmed”, “I’m broke”, “I’m happy”, I’m thankful”, “I’m grateful”….. And the universe says “yes you are”!

Be deliberate with your words today and everyday, in fact give yourself a stroke count when you speak something that doesn’t serve you. Awareness is the first step to mastery!

What’s Your Love Language?

It’s love at first site… that blissful state of euphoria when all is right with the world.  Eventually the magic fades and before too long we realize our partners aren’t perfect.  They’re not living up to our expectations and we become hurt & disappointed or even angry and resentful.

We catch ourselves saying things like…

“If he really loved me he would do this….”

“If she loved me she would tell me….”

According to Dr. Gary Chapman, unhappiness in relationships often has a simple root cause: we speak different love languages.  He goes on to explain that each of us has a primary love language. Though we may see aspects of ourselves in all five, there’s one that you just couldn’t give up. (more…)

The Gift of Health

“The greatest wealth is health” ~Roman Poet
Health is our most precious thing in life yet so often take it for granted. We rarely think about it until we don’t have it and then it’s ALL we can think about.

Today is a great day to start remembering to give thanks for your healthy body. You will maintain your current health AND set the energy in motion to increase your healthy, energy and vitality overall!