Got Resolutions?

Got Resolutions?
Did you sit down and write out some goals and affirmations? I sure did!
Maybe your goal this year is to finally break a bad habit, lose weight or stop procrastinating and get around to it once and for all?
Or perhaps this is your year to attract your ideal relationship, grow your business or increase your prosperity?

Well whatever your resolution, we’ve got a solution!


Here’s ‘How To’ Fire up your Motivation so you’ll quickly get the results you want!

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To your Success!

Affirmations Explained!

Affirmations Explained!

AffirmationsButtonAre you one of the millions of people who stand in front of your mirror repeating positive affirmations like…. I am wealthy, I am the top salesperson in my company or I have an attractive body, and eventually give up because it just isn’t working?

One of the most powerful lessons for me came at a time when I hit rock bottom. I tell the story in my book Dynamic Affirmations, though I had just been diagnosed with a life threatening illness among other things. So, reaching for anything to help me feel better, I went out and bought a box of affirmation cards because I had always heard Affirmations were powerful tools for transformation. (more…)

Words have power!

words have powerDid you know that words have so much power?

Here’s a challenge for you ….. And me.

What we think and feel and say is creative. What you say after the word “I” becomes a creative command. “I’m stressed”, “I’m overwhelmed”, “I’m broke”, “I’m happy”, I’m thankful”, “I’m grateful”….. And the universe says “yes you are”!

Be deliberate with your words today and everyday, in fact give yourself a stroke count when you speak something that doesn’t serve you. Awareness is the first step to mastery!

Are Your Affirmations Working For You? If Not, Try This…

Affirmations can be powerful tools for transformation! So why don’t they always work?

One reason is that we don’t believe we can really have what we want. It’s important to make your ‘wants’ both exciting and believable!

Each affirmation should be big enough to be exciting but realistic enough to be believable to you. When you read your affirmation aloud what feeling does it evoke?

Positive Vibes:
Your affirmation must be about something important to you to stir you, get you excited, (more…)

Imagine… Ideal Customers Falling Into Your Lap!

Are you juggling way too many customers or clients that leave you frustrated, unappreciated, and exhausted? Do you wish they would buy all of your products or services, pay full price, and leave you feeling happy and energized?

You can have all the customers you want, but if they have you jumping through hoops, they’re negative or demanding, they’re not “ideal”. (more…)