Assessments are a first step towards personal awareness!

Can you even imagine giving your doctor permission to operate on you without first reviewing MRI images? Of course you wouldn’t!

Similarly, smart business people leverage online assessments to make decisions about hiring, managing, promoting and leading others.  You can think of assessments as “MRI tests” to reveal someone’s innermost values, personality tendencies, skill sets, etc…

Assessments can measure a variety of criteria: intellectual ability, achievement motivation, skill proficiency, work styles, personality characteristics and personal values are among them.

So who’s using them? .

Individuals are using them as an opportunity to learn something about themselves, with the goals of self improvement, personality enrichment and enhancement of their relationships with others in mind.

Employers who use our assessments recognize that they are powerful resources; and when used as part of a training and development program, they enhance employees’ skills related to communicating effectively. The benefits from using assessments can be profound:

– Higher employee morale
– Increased productivity
– Reduced employee turnover
– Reduced training costs
– Increasing employees’ sense of well-being
– Increasing the bottom line due to better employee service to customers
– More effective team building and compatibility

Multi-Rater Component

Many of our assessments have a feedback component that goes beyond the majority of self-rater instruments. They offer a 360, or multi-rater tool that gathers information from several different groups of people about an employee’s effectiveness. Our online 360 assessments are the most robust and user friendly on the market.

– A 360 assessment for managers might seek feedback from the people that manager reports to, peers and people who report to that manager.

– A 360 assessment for salespeople might solicit feedback from the sales manager, fellow salespeople and customers of that salesperson.

– A 360 for students might seek feedback from teachers, parents and fellow classmates.

This gives each individual participating in a 360 assessment the unique opportunity to see themselves more objectively through the eyes of others and also serves as a key component for continued training through the company and learning by the individual. A 360 assessment can also be used as an ongoing feedback process to monitor each individual’s personal growth.

Individual Development Plans or Employee Development Plans

Whether your career track or your employees individual career tracks are blue collar/vocational, front line customer service, face-to-face sales, technical/professional services, supervision/management or executive staff/boardroom, it is important to have the skills to demonstrate those attitudes and behaviors that enable them to get along with others. To get along, they must better understand themselves and others to communicate with others effectively.


Jodi uses assessments from Assessments 24×7, who for over 16 years have been focused on helping individuals and companies get the best results and best performance from all of their employees. They care most about getting clients the best value from their assessment reports.

DISCstylesonlinereportOur Assessments come with support materials and action plans to implement new strategies and behaviors. Click on link to view sample report:  DISCselfSampleReport


For more information about how you can use our assessments, or if you would like to use the assessment in conjunction with the program “Crack the Code” To Connecting Powerfully With People please contact Jodi.

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