Real World Strategies To Turn Every Relationship Into a Win/Win!

Ever notice that you instantly click with some people while with others you just don’t seem to connect?  Have you found it difficult to get along with someone no matter how hard you try? One thing is for certain, the lack of communication leads to frustration and disappointment!

What if there was a way to see people differently, understand them better, and turn every encounter into a win-win situation? What if you could optimize all of your business and personal relationships? Now you can with cutting edge communication skills!

The Secret is to learn how to quickly identify the other persons style and adjust our own behavior to reduce conflict and improve communication.

Once you understand and master these tools, you’ll be able to build bridges to people of any style in any business or personal situation.  These concepts are practical, accurate, and immediately usable.  It’s already helped well over 100,000 people get along with just about anyone they choose to.  It has had a positive impact on teachers, coaches, parents, salespeople, managers, spouses, friends and more.

Here’s what you will learn:

– How to spot the clues so you get a quick handle on anyone and easily determine their behavioral style
– What makes them tick, their strengths and weakness, likes and dislikes
– Understand the conflicts and compatibility between styles
– How to practice adaptability-changing your strategy and/or approach based on the situation or the person you’re dealing with
– Tools to avoid conflict at home and at work
– Gain winning strategies to increase sales, become a leader that others want to follow, improve home and working relationships,  put the right people in the right job, and create high performance teams!

This program is Ideal for Salespeople, Managers, Small Business Owners, Customer Service, Human Resources, Teachers, Parents, Couples and more!

**Workbooks included – Assessment Optional** The Self-Assessment instrument is your starting point for making relationships more successful by learning your own behavioral style.  Completing the 18-question assessment will only take 3-5 minutes to learn what makes you tick.  You’ll get your very own customized 27 page report so you can start on your journey toward improving all your interpersonal relationships.

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What Clients Are Saying:

[quote style=”1″] This program has helped me understand my family, employees and business prospects so much better! Now that I can identify the four personality types with two simple questions, it helps me adjust my style to them to improve our communication and relationship significantly. The workshop is very practical and easy to implement and Jodi’s presentation is energetic, interactive and streamlined. I’m now a Platinum Rule believer!! – Kim Heathcott, Clarion Security [/quote] [quote style=”1″] Although I naturally enjoy meeting people, every once in awhile I come across someone that I find challenging to build a connection with.  The “Crack The Code” program has shifted my thinking about the way I interact personally and professionally.  Taking the self-assessment and learning the four behavioral styles have helped tremendously in my ability to build relationships that I once thought were difficult or unapproachable.  Jodi engages, educates and empowers people to transform their lives. – Kesha Whitaker, K. Whitaker Public Relations [/quote]


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