Survival Guide; Here’s how to Bounce Back and Reset When you need it!

Survival Guide; Here’s how to Bounce Back and Reset When you need it!

HowToDoIt160Ever have one of those days that you think can’t get any worse?

Ever felt like life has knocked the wind out of your sails?

Well, in today’s “How To Do It” I share with you 5 tools to help you reset your vibe for better results!

These tools have worked for me time and time again and I’m confident they’ll work for you too! The key is to be deliberate with your thoughts, words, actions!

How To Do It!
1. Acknowledge Your Emotions: It’s ok to feel doubt and disappointment; recognize this situation is temporary.

2. Observe Contrast Briefly: Focus on the negative stuff briefly. Negative emotion produces more negative results. (more…)

Affirmations Explained!

Affirmations Explained!

AffirmationsButtonAre you one of the millions of people who stand in front of your mirror repeating positive affirmations like…. I am wealthy, I am the top salesperson in my company or I have an attractive body, and eventually give up because it just isn’t working?

One of the most powerful lessons for me came at a time when I hit rock bottom. I tell the story in my book Dynamic Affirmations, though I had just been diagnosed with a life threatening illness among other things. So, reaching for anything to help me feel better, I went out and bought a box of affirmation cards because I had always heard Affirmations were powerful tools for transformation. (more…)

Struggling Over a Negative Situation?

Struggling Over a Negative Situation?

Struggling over a negative situation?

Here’s a Quick Tool to get you feeling good!
Can you think of a time when you may have been so focused on a negative situation…. It could have been about a about a particular person or issue at work or perhaps even in your personal life, that you rehashed the thought over & over & over again and you weren’t sure you would be able to let it go?

That’s what happened to me at exactly 3:23AM this morning. There it was, front & center in my head, this little negative situation I had been giving way too much attention, energy & focus to!
But I couldn’t shut it off – I was rehashing every negative aspect and why I had the right to feel the way I did and on & on & on. My own personal pity party in the middle of the night!

Eventually, (I have no idea what time it was) I came to the conscious realization that hey, I’m feeling some negative emotion here. That was my warning bell that the Law of Attraction is at work matching my feelings, which meant that in that very moment I was in the process of attracting more of what I didn’t want!

Ouch! that doesn’t make sense…. I don’t want more of this stuff, so thank you for that warning bell, time to RESET! (more…)

How Emotions = What You Attract!

Importance of Emotions

Jodi’s on the road in Huntington, WV teaching ‘Managing Your Emotions’. While her students were on break she created a quick little video lesson about emotions.

Here’s the exercise that you might complete on your own.

Build a list of negative emotions:

  • Jealousy
  • Resentment
  • Sadness
  • Anger
  • Insecurity
  • Feat
  • Frustration
  • Stress
  • Misery
  • Shame
  • Blame
  • Guilt

It’s important to note that as you’re experiencing these negative emotions that you notice how you feel. Typically they should make you feel pretty darn bad. And just know that as you feel bad, you’re sending out a negative vibe.

We need to reset that. Below is a list of positive emotions:

  • Driven to achieve
  • Happy vibrations
  • Confident
  • Positive vibration
  • Enthusiastic
  • Success
  • Respected
  • Love
  • Achievement
  • Appreciation
  • Fulfilled
  • Joy

When you’re experiencing those emotions they make you feel good and you’re putting out some positive vibes.

There are a ton of different emotions and we’re always going to have them. I like to think we really only have two though, those that make you feel bad and those that make you feel good.

Here’s why it’s so important to be aware of your emotions and how they make you feel. …. (more…)

Is Law of Attraction a Match-Maker?

matchmaker-tx_mediumIs Law of Attraction a Match-Maker?

You bet it is! And it’s probably the best match-maker on the planet.

But it doesn’t always bring you the match you want, it brings you the match you think or feel you deserve as a result of your thoughts, words, emotions & beliefs.

I know, I wish it were a bit simpler, just ask for what you want and you’ll attract it. (more…)