Dynamic Affirmations

Luck? Hard work? Secret Strategies?

Learn why your affirmations, goals, and intentions may not be working — and how they can! This step-by-step guide is your action plan for creating targeted affirmations that work for you.

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141-Page Book
~ $14.95 ~
109-Page e-Book
~ $8.95 ~

Law of Attraction:
The Science of Attracting More of What
You Want and Less of What You Don’t

by Michael J. Losier

This is the book that was recommended to Jodi that turned an “A-Ha” moment into a life changing magical journey!

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142-Page Book
~ $14.95 ~


101 Law of Attraction Questions
You Never Thought To Ask
And Their Shocking Answers!

Brand new book by Jodi Santangelo!

Have you ever wondered “How to” Apply Law of Attraction to your own unique circumstances?
At last….. your “How to” book is here!

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70-Page e-Book
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