Introduction To Law of Attraction

42 Minute DVD ~ $14.97
Save with the MP3 Download ~ $7.97

Want to let go of negative thinking?
Ready to take control and Create the Life you’ve always wanted?
Ready to fast track your success?

Jodi can shave years off your learning curve in this workshop “Introduction To Law of Attraction”.
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7 Strategies to Get Exactly What You Want

8-CD Set ~ $57

What’s holding you back? Feeling unlucky? Think you have no control over what’s showing up in your life?

Want to move forward, but not sure how? These 7 Strategies will help you become empowered NOW! Hoping and wishing things will change just isn’t enough. Discover your guide to a better life!

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Law of Attraction 101

50-Minute Audio

Audio CD ~ $14.97
Save with the MP3 Download ~ $9.97

Tired of what’s showing up in your life? Want to attract more of what you do want and less of what you don’t want? More joy? Better health? More business?

Jodi is interviewed by World Champion Speaker Darren LaCroix.

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